Interview With Strength & Conditioning Coach Kyle Arsenault

February 3, 2017

This week for our interview series, we have Kyle Arsenault, a strength and conditioning coach and human performance specialist, author and former intern of the renown Cressey Performance.

After spending four years as the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach with Momentum Physical Therapy, Kyle now works with TOP Fitness in Nashua, NH. Kyle specialises in combining principles of physical therapy with strength and conditioning to create programs that enhance overall athleticism and performance.

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Meal Prepping & Instagram: Interview With Christopher Rocchio

January 16, 2017

When it comes to balancing the grind, there are few things more important than getting your nutrition right. You can have the best training sessions and amazing sleep every week but if your diet is shit, then you’re going to end up feeling shit all the time.

This week for our interview series, we have health and fitness enthusiast Christopher Rocchio. In addition to working for a fitness company, Beachbody, and providing training and meal prep consulting on the side, Chris also happens to own one of the best Instagram pages on meal prepping.

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Interview With Fit Club HQ Co-Founder Daniel Gullo

December 24, 2016

Ever since starting Balance The Grind, I’ve been very excited to do this interview. Daniel has been there from the start of my training grind, helping me reach new heights every week in lifting, nutrition and plenty more!

As the Co-Founder of Fit Club HQ, along with his brother David (who we’ll also be talking to soon), the Head Trainer at Fitness Forum and soccer player, Daniel was the perfect person to talk to about balancing the grind.

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Interview With Ben Kenyon, Portland Trail Blazers Performance Coach

December 22, 2016

Last week for Balance The Grind’s interview series, we had a great conversation with strength trainer and kettlebell expert Mike Maher. This week we had the great opportunity to chat with Ben Kenyon, the Performance Coach for professional basketball team Portland Trail Blazers.

As the team’s Sports Performance Specialist for the past 3 years and the former Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for George Washington University, Ben was a great person to learn from about athlete nutrition and training as well as overall healthier living.

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How to Create a Good Sleep Environment

December 19, 2016

No one needs to be told that getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most vital things in your every day life. So many things during the day depend on whether or not you had a good sleep – energy levels, mood, appetite, productivity, creativity and plenty more.

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