Company Cultures

What does a company with a strong culture or healthy work-life balance look like?

Is it a company that provides catered lunches and complimentary beer on tap every Friday?

Is it a mission driven company that empowers its employees to take control of their job?

Or, is it a remote company with distributed employees who can work from wherever they want in the world?

Work-life balance means something different to everyone, and every company. Aligning your work values alongside company with a similar culture is a great starting point for balance and happiness in your life.

Every company approaches culture and work-life balance in their own unique way. Balance the Grind has collaborated with the below companies to tell their story and showcase their culture.

If you would like to promote your company’s culture and work-life balance, feel free to get in touch with us

GitLab: DevOps Lifecycle Platform
Jack Nimble: Creative Production Agency
Mirus Australia: Making Aged Care Better
ELMO Cloud HR & Payroll: HR Software for Business
Bandzoogle: Website Builder for Musicians
Here Coworking: Creative Coworking Space
Venntifact: Digital Strategy & Enablement‎
Sparro: Independent Digital Marketing Agency
Bendelta: Unlocking Human Potential
QuizBreaker: Virtual Team Building Game
Umbo: Online Speech & Occupational Therapy
Fluent Commerce: The Future of Global Commerce
Boody: Sustainable and Ethical Clothes
Caia: Digital Health Concierge Service
Out Of Office: Building Community for Remote Workers