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A Day in the Life: Customer Success Manager

For our Day in the Life series, we look at the daily work habits, schedules and routines from people in a variety of roles and careers around the world.

Petr Pinkas, Customer Success Manager at Feedly

Petr Pinkas is the Customer Success Manager at news aggregator application Feedly, where he works every day on keeping customers and users happy.

These days I usually wake up around 5-6am and either start working right away before my son Sam wakes up or exercise before breakfast. When my son wakes up we make a breakfast and play for a while before starting the work. 

I’m working remotely all the time and visit the HQ from time to time. It fits really nicely and I can work from anywhere I want which is a great benefit. Working remotely is the only way I can imagine working from now on.

Since the majority of the team is in the US the first hour is about crunching through what happed in Slack, email, Twitter, and support the day before (or the night at least). After that I start digging into HelpScout (our support app we use for helping customers). 

If there are any special projects I work on them too (we’re still at a scale where we do various things and sit on multiple seats – and that’s really great and energizing)

After lunch I usually take a nap if I can and work again until like 2-3pm where I go outside with my family or at least with my son (recently on his small bike) and enjoy some free time before the US wakes up. 

We usually have some sync calls or status calls in the evening my time so the evening time is not set and varies.

Varun Bhandarkar, Manager of Customer Success (ANZ) at HubSpot

Varun Bhandarkar is the Manager of Customer Success at HubSpot, where he leads the team responsible for driving growth and success for ANZ customers. 

Just like everyone else around the world, my average day has changed a little since COVID. As I’m no longer spending time on a bus each morning, I try and start my day with a short walk as I listen to a podcast or the news before I settle into work.

My workday is then determined by what support my team needs from me on the day, our scheduled 1:1s, and other internal meetings with my fellow managers. 

When I don’t have a day packed with meetings, I take the time to work on internal programs, analysing our performance, innovating on strategic plays and plans for each of my CSM’s growth.

HubSpot as a company has always been an advocate for flexible and remote working. There is an incredible amount of trust and autonomy given to everyone at the company and the focus has always been on value and quality of output – not where and when you work. I’ve actually interviewed and hired two of my star CSMs while traveling in Bali!

These days, if I want to take an hour during the day to go to the gym or run some errands, I just communicate that to my manager and my team and take it. My team also has complete autonomy to take some time off during the day if they need it.

Keira Lewis, Customer Success Manager at Vudoo

Keira Lewis is the Customer Success Manager at Melbourne-based start up Vudoo, an interactive video technology video platform.

Generally the alarm is set early so I can catch a morning gym session, typically a spin class, weights or a run. 

I was never really an early morning workout person, however I have found that training in the morning really sets me off for a productive day. I can jump right into reviewing the customers strategy and understand how to best assist and guide them, no matter what happens throughout the day, I know I have been able to do that for me.

In this role, I am always working with customers to help them understand the value of the Vudoo platform and to help ensure they are utilising it to its full potential. I feel very fortunate as in this position I get to work with a variety of different customers, all looking to achieve different goals. 

Advocating for the customer internally, working cross functions and other departments such as partnerships, marketing, engineering, sales and working closely with the company founder. There is no ‘typical’ workday and this is what I love most about it.

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