Grocery Shopping For Sunday, 1 January

January 1, 2017

New year so time to get back into it. After a week long of Christmas celebrations with the family, which involved a lot of bad eating and drinking, I’m getting back to my routine of good nutrition and consistent training.

It’s the first day of 2017 so there isn’t a better time to get back into grocery shopping and meal prepping for the week.

Even though I’ve still got another week off of work, I thought it would be better to start now rather than later; that way I can jump back into the usual work routine without skipping a step.

Here’s what I picked up for the next few days:

  • Scotch fillet beef – been missing out on some beef these past few weeks
  • Red capsicum – planning to whip up a stir fry with the scotch fillet
  • Free range eggs – always have to eggs ready to go
  • Greek yoghurt – one of my favourite snacks to bring to work, throw in blueberries or rolled oats and you’re done
  • Baby spinach – eat your vegetables!
  • Green apples – another favourite thing to snack on at work
  • Strawberries – these were on sale, woot woot!
  • Potatoes – substituting rice with potatoes this week
  • Coconut water – love my coconut water, especially after a training session
  • Sriracha hot sauce – throw Sriracha on whatever needs a little kick and flavour

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