A (Growing) Collection of Work-Life Balance Quotes to Live By

A (growing) collection of work-life balance quotes to live by from our conversations

“I think feeling truly balanced in our lives is less about what we do externally, and more about developing trust from within – self-trust. It’s one of the most challenging skills to develop because it requires us to reflect on where we currently don’t trust ourselves.”

Karen Williams // Coach, Trainer, Speaker & Writer

“For me, work-life balance is very individualized. I also feel that striving to achieve a “perfect” ratio of work and non-work is a bit of a trap. It’s something you have to experiment with and over time you learn what recharges you, what drains you, what’s neutral and how much of each you do to find your own balance.”

Sherry Holub // Creative Director at JV Media Design

“There’s only one override to all the workload and scheduling, where priority and order are perfectly okay to be ignored and that’s family. Always make time for family no matter what, literally everything else can be adjusted and/or replaced.”

Mandar Karlekar // Product Management Consultant at Thiga

“There isn’t that delineation between work life and home life, with so many people running their own businesses, side hustles, working from home or remotely, there just isn’t that distinction anymore. And I think that’s a good thing, so long as we get the balance right.”

Michael Ellis // Culture Strategist at Pragmatic Thinking

“For me it’s balancing between giving to others and nourishing back to myself. It’s also about setting some boundaries to be able to switch off and close the tabs that are open in my mind. I also have to remind myself to have fun and enjoy the journey, and surround myself with great quality friendships and collaborate with people who want to raise their vibration and live their purpose.”

Terri Bertakis // Founder & Brand Designer at Future Present Branding

“I don’t believe work-life balance is a static “goal” that can be achieved, it is a series of honest conversations that you need to just continue having with yourself. And as long as those conversations keep happening, you’re going to be just fine.”

Michelle Bourke // Founder & CEO of Foresight Digital

“At Freshworks we like to see it as work-life integration, and I very much agree. Speaking to a friend or relative while at work or taking a customer call late in the evening happens and that’s the nature of the world we now live in. Work-life integration is about being as passionate about work as the other activities you enjoy in life and not seeing these as different worlds that need to be balanced.”

Sreelesh Pillai // General Manager of Freshworks Australia

“I don’t really like the term “work-life balance” because to me “work” is a core part of “life” and the two are not mutually exclusive. I would say I try very hard to create an ideal work-life integration suited to what I place value on and this would differ from person to person.”

Simon Hedt // Talent & Recruitment Lead at IE Company

“Work life balance to me means that when I am working, I am not feeling “guilty” that I am not spending time with my kids and that when I am with my kids, I am not feeling like I should be working.”

Dr. Bailey Bosch // Founder & CEO of Remotestar Consulting

“It is ok if you don’t have balance in your life at this point in time, I didn’t once too, but know that you have the power to change it. The sooner you empower yourself with this realisation, the sooner achieving balance isn’t so foreign.”

Emmaline Raggatt // Co-Founder at Mirrored Horizons

“For me, I bring my work into my life and my life into my work. I don’t step into the office and instantly forget about my family, nor do I completely switch off from work at meal times with my wife. I more try to look for “balance” – the understanding that my work self and my life self are fluid, and they’re just two different sides that make up “me” as a whole.”

Dan Reed // Founder of Career Dad

“I would love to find the key to that elusive work life balance, but it’s really something I’m fine tuning all the time. When I’m getting it right, I feel like I have the time and energy for all the people and things that I love and when it’s out of kilter, I’m nowhere near as patient or present as I should be at home.”

Jana Firestone // Therapist, Freelance Writer & Podcast Host at The Curious Life

“Maybe success means a corner office and a 3-car garage. Maybe it means making an impact on your community. Maybe it means having plenty of time outside work for your personal life. However you define success, calibrate your internal compass to it and go!”

Sarah Goff-Dupont // Principal Writer at Atlassian

“On the days that feels like work is dominating my personal life, I try to remind myself that my job is not my life and it doesn’t define me as a person. That simple clarity, makes it easier for me to relax and appreciate basic things like a really good meal, a book, time with my loved ones, even a strenuous work out that I dread and appreciate afterwards.”

Alice Suh // Head of Global PR at Deezer

“It is hard when we work and live in a world full of comparison, so remembering to stay in my own lane, be true to what makes my heart feel light and not get caught up in what others are doing (we never really know what is making people happy or successful when we are just following them on social media) is what I encourage for everyone.”

Michelle Palmer // Co-Founder & Director at Modern Currency

“For me balance is nurturing my brain, body and spirit (or psyche). A perfect day consists of activities and rituals that serve all three. A good way to measure balance is observing thoughts if my mind is noisy or I am thinking of work, it’s a sign my wellbeing and personal development needs focus – I learnt this measure from Alison Rice on her podcast ‘Offline’.”

Sarah Fritz // Founder & CEO at Yes Queen

“For me, work-life balance to me is about having the combination of being highly productive, having positive energy around me and space for myself and my loved ones consistently – not burning out and then taking time out to recover.”

Emily Trenouth // Client Partner at TRIBE

“I suppose I try to listen to my mind and body. I won’t be any good to clients or my family if I become run down or stressed, so I indulge in me moment when I can, even if it’s just stopping for breakfast on the way to work.”

Tammy Collins // Founder & Marketing Director of New Media Moguls

“We all want to do the best work and work we’re proud of, but it often comes at our own personal expense framed as passion. I’ve been there numerous times ending up burnt out. It’s obvious but making sure to have a life and interests outside of work is key.”

Dan Ingham // Head of Creative at Sydney Opera House

“When you’re passionate about what you do, it’s easy to fall into bad work habits. I think losing momentum is probably every startup founder’s biggest fear. However, your mental and physical health is just as important as your work.”

Alex Zaccaria // Co-Founder of Melbourne-based startup Linktree

“Don’t let other people define what balance should mean for you. Instead, figure out what will make you be fulfilled and set that as your goal.”

Charlene Li // Senior Fellow & Founder of Altimeter

“For me work-life balance means that I have a flexible schedule to be around my family, to travel with them and to allow us to focus on life when we need to. It also means that I do work on something that I enjoy and that I am passionate about.”

Marcus Wermuth // Engineering Manager at Buffer

“I approach work-life balance as more of a feeling; if I feel good, if I feel nurtured, if I feel valued and supported, if I feel connected with those around me, then I’m in a good place.”

Erin Sing // Director & Co-Founder at Modern Currency

“Set yourself up to succeed but remember to celebrate successes, have mental health days to recover from setbacks and don’t let work get in the way of self care habits like eating well and exercising.”

Danielle Buckley // Coaching & Consulting Psychologist

“Work-life balance to me is about feeling satisfied with both my personal and professional endeavours, whilst making sure you have enough time for friends & family and maintaining good health and wellbeing.”

Danny Newman // International Client Director at YourStudio